Make Food Feel Good:

Transform your relationship with food and your body while mastering the foundations of feel-good nutrition. It's time to experience freedom, joy, and confidence in your every day eating.

We all know how those nights go

8 o’clock rolls around, the kids are in bed, and you finally have a moment to yourself.

You’ve been “good” with your eating all day. But once again, you find yourself raiding the pantry for anything and everything…

The rice cakes aren’t cutting it, and you finished all the chips last night. Next thing you know  you’re polishing off the last of the stale goldfish crackers and you’re still not satisfied!

How is this happening again!?

It’s like someone else has taken over your body when those cravings hit, and you literally have no control. You feel like you’re constantly battling your own body. The worst part is that you know what you should do, so why is it so hard to just do it!

You’re in the right place, friend.

What if you could finally figure out what works best for your life and your body? Instead of endless new diets and food rules, a way that reconnects you to trust in your body and ability to eat intuitively that we are all born with! Imagine discovering a whole new way of approaching food without feeling restricted, constantly thinking about food, and where the  food guilt was a thing of the past?

The fad diets, fitness apps, and tracking every bite just doesn’t work for you.
Despite your best intentions, you can’t seem to get those late night cravings under control or stick with the "healthy eating habits" that promise to bring results.


Does this sound familiar?

What if you felt CONFIDENT in your everyday eating and never had to diet again?

Every time you gain momentum,
you seem to fall off track before seeing any results.

You’re ready for real life strategies and a mindset transformation that will actually stick
and bring the joy back to food!

It's time for a real change.
You’re done planning your entire day around food.
You’re ready to end the constant struggle to “eat healthy.”
You’re tired of always second guessing your food choices.

There's a much better way!

You’re ready to start living a life that reflects your values. You can picture how good it will feel to start making intentional food decisions that support your mental and physical wellbeing.

This means…

What would life would be like with food freedom and trust in your body?

Woman eating pizza at a restaurant

The best part?

You can still enjoy your favorite foods (because what’s better than pizza on a Friday night?)

Learn how all foods can fit into a balanced lifestyle — without the guilt.

I know you might have doubts like
I've heard this before and it sounds too good to be true.
There's no way I can trust myself without the help of a food tracking app
Isn't food freedom just a fancy way to say I can eat pizza and donuts all day?

Why would I invest in myself? 
I’ve already wasted thousands of dollars on personal trainers, diet books and failed programs



  • Without tracking every calorie in an app
  • Without the fear of losing control

  • Without ever spending a dime on a diet again

  • Without eating the same thing. Every. Single. Day.

  • Without the guilt or shame from eating what you want

How do I know this is possible?
I've been there.

Many years ago, I was you. 


There was not a day that went by where I wasn’t obsessing over the food I was eating or counting the number of calories on my plate. It totally consumed my life. It was a constant test to see how “good” and “in control” I could be. 


If I resisted the freshly baked cookie from the cafeteria, I had won. If I gave in and it enjoyed it (or 3 or 4 – we all know what happens when we feel restricted), I was consumed y guilt and I promised myself I’d be good again tomorrow… It was a vicious cycle.


And guess what? 


I was absolutely miserable. I missed out on so many important moments in my life being constantly in my head about food and my body.

I'm proof that it doesn't have to be this way.

Over the past 12+ years as a Registered Dietitian, I have studied, practiced and coached hundreds of others just like you to have a healthy and joyful relationship with food. 


I’ve learned that you can eat chips as a snack or choose a big salad at a restaurant without labeling one as good and the other bad. You can have Halloween candy in the house or a tub of Ben and Jerry’s without eating the entire thing in one sitting. 


You can live a life where you trust yourself around food. All food. I promise.


Having been on both sides I know that life is so much better – more free, more joyful and more fulfilled – with food freedom. 


And that is exactly why I created the Make Food Feel Good Program. I want to show you exactly how to get there. 

You deserve to live a life full of joy, where food is no longer stealing those important moments from you!

Let's Make Food Feel Good for life!



video, website, and worksheets for Dietitian Lindsay Pleskot's Make Food Feel Good online program

Make Food Feel Good is an online program designed to transform you from food obsessed to food freedom!

Thoughtfully designed by Registered Dietitian, Lindsay Pleskot, this 8-week Intuitive Eating and nutrition program combines mindful eating practices with psychologically proven methods to create real, sustainable lifestyle shifts.

After over a decade of working with clients just like you, Lindsay has developed Make Food Feel Good, a unique method that is all about balancing your mind and body, so you can show up as the absolute best version of yourself, day in and day out!

You are so not alone in wanting more for your life!

Hear it from MFFG members:

The MFFG program helped me discover food freedom after struggling for 30 years!

I’m now able to eat mindfully, stop cravings, and end each day feeling like I took the best care of myself. Lindsay’s guidance gave me a solid foundation for my new relationship with food.

- R. Sidhu

A woman with dark hair wearing a white shirt is eating a bowl of noodles

MFFG changed my relationship with food and how I approach meals on a daily basis.
Not only does Lindsay have great meal plans, she teaches you the “why” behind food. Learning how our brains and bodies work changed everything for me!

- Christine

In the Make Food Feel Good program you will....

Learn what drives hunger, how to honor fullness and how to get a hold on cravings.

Become the expert of your own body with mindful, intuitive eating.

Uncover how to eat for more energy, satisfaction and enjoyment. (Hint: meal plans included!)






  • Uncover what has kept you stuck in old patterns and how to break free from the diet cycle
  • Learn our 4 step process to reprogram your thoughts and behaviors around food so you can create sustainable habits (that actually serve your goals!)
  • Learn how to apply mindful and intuitive eating to transform your relationship with food



  • Understand your body, why you’re eating and what drives cravings
  • Learn how to honor hunger and fullness and feel satisfied after eating
  • Learn how to cope with emotional eating in a feel good way 



  • You’ll have a full week just for implementation to put your knowledge into action!
  • Receive daily support from Lindsay and team, plus the MFFG community.
  • Gain confidence in your mindful and intuitive eating abilities .



  • Become your own nutrition expert so you never second guess food choices again
  • Master creating balanced, nourishing meals with ease
  • Learn everything you need to know about snacking and timing of eating
  • This is the kind of nutrition that leaves you energized, inspired and confident in your every day eating!



  • Get set up with 4 weeks of flexible done-for-you meal plans (and grocery lists!)
  • Learn my signature meal planning and meal prep methods to save hours in the kitchen every week
  • Embrace feel-good nutrition without restriction on a daily basis!



  • Everything you need to know beyond the basics
    • Supplements
    • Sugar myths & facts
    • Packaged and processed foods
    • Meal Planning shortcuts
and so much more…



  • Learn how to incorporate and enjoy restaurants, holidays, and vacations without the guilt
  • Never feel the need to “start again Monday” no matter what the weekend or stepping outside of your routine brings



  • Complete the program feeling confident and committed to your own unique wellness journey.
  • Build lifelong friendships with the MFFG community for ongoing support, encouragement, and celebratory wins!
  • Create a long term success plan to Make Food Feel Good for life!
Are you ready to make food feel good for life?
But wait, there’s more!

You will also get access to exclusive bonuses:

iPad showing 3-2-1 Method for Dietitian Lindsay Pleskot's Make Food Feel Good online program

Bonus #1: The 3-2-1 Method Meal Plans

You’ll receive Lindsay’s exclusive 3-2-1 Method meal plans with 4 weeks of satisfying, nourishing meals. Enjoy the ease of limiting weekly prep to only 1 hour/week. **Includes regular and vegan plan options, recipes, printable grocery lists and kitchen set-up guide.

iPad showing Dietitian Lindsay Pleskot's Make Food Feel Good online program

Bonus #2: Lindsay’s Grocery Store Shortcuts

Take the stress out of grocery shopping with a complete guide and time-saving hacks. Design your own grocery list with purpose, optimize any online order, and discover a dietitian’s favorite grocery-store shortcuts.

iPad showing snack guide for Dietitian Lindsay Pleskot's Make Food Feel Good online program

Bonus #3: The ultimate Snack Guide

Get the inside scoop on everything you need to know about snacking. From the best grab-and-go options, easy homemade recipes and how the timing of your eating impacts your entire day!

Plus you’ll get lifetime access to the private MFFG community

Lindsay’s positive energy is so vibrant! Her meal plans are so easy to follow. I’m now able to make food decisions without feeling guilty or overeating at each meal. MFFG is phenomenal!

- Karina

Lindsay’s approach to meal planning, nutrition, and mindset about food is refreshing. MFFG exceeded my expectations, and I learned new skills that help me make healthy choices everyday. I can’t thank you enough!

- Jennifer

WHAT'S INCLUDED in Make Food Feel Good Live?

Here’s exactly what’s waiting for you

Lifetime Access to 8 Weeks of Video Modules & Workshops

Access to the MFFG Private Member’s Community

8 Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions + Daily Support with Lindsay & Team

Bonus 1: The 3-2-1 Method Meal Plans (original & vegan)

Bonus 2: Lindsay’s Grocery Store Shortcuts

Bonus 3: The Ultimate Snack Guide

Bonus #1: [Name of Bonus Here]
(value = $997)

Bonus #2: [Name of Bonus Here] (value = $997)
Bonus #3: [Name of Bonus Here] (value = $997)

Plus you’ll get instant access to our MFFG community. Are you ready?





One Payment


One Payment

WHAT'S INCLUDED in Make Food Feel Good Live?

Here’s exactly what’s waiting for you

Lifetime Access to 8 Weeks of Video Modules & Workshops

Value: $1,297

Access to the MFFG Private Member’s Community

Value: $997

8 Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions + Daily Support with Lindsay & Team

Value: $1,697

Bonus 1: The 3-2-1 Method Meal Plans (original & vegan)

Value: $117

Bonus 2: Lindsay’s Grocery Store Shortcuts

Value: $55

Bonus 3: The Ultimate Snack Guide

Value: $35

Bonus #1: [Name of Bonus Here]
(value = $997)

Bonus #2: [Name of Bonus Here] (value = $997)
Bonus #3: [Name of Bonus Here] (value = $997)

Plus you’ll get instant access to our MFFG community. Are you ready?





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One Payment

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Have any questions? I'd love to chat with you!

Meet your guide

Hi! I’m Lindsay

I’m a Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist working towards my Intuitive Eating Counsellor certification, Health Coach and Founder of the Make Food Feel Good™ Method. My mission is to help you become the expert of your own body and find confidence and ease in your every day eating. In my decade plus as a dietitian I have helped hundreds of clients transform their relationship with food so they can live happier, more free and more joyful lives.  I would be honored to do the same with you!

My philosophy — Make Food Feel Good is all about finding the nourishment that works best for you, body, mind and soul. You’ll find me in Vancouver, B.C. with my husband, babe on the way, and 3-year-old son, Wylder (and the answer is yes, he does live up to his name haha). 

As seen in:

By the end of Make Food Feel Good you will be able to...

Make Food Feel Good is for you if you...

Make Food Feel Good may not be right for you if...


I’m guessing that your gut is saying “YES!” but you’ve still got some questions!

What makes MFFG different from any other nutrition program is that we combine mindset, psychology, and wellness practices to connect with what your body really needs. Our foundation of feel-good nutrition will guide you through life’s ups & downs, twists & turns, and beautiful moments to create a whole new way of eating that works best for you.

Once you learn the MFFG method, your new thoughts, actions, and behaviors will become second nature. It’s our promise that in just 8 weeks, you will walk away with a totally transformed relationship with food for life.

We can’t wait for you to experience all of the “aha” moments that await you!

Have questions?

Let’s get into the details...

We officially kick off April 2022! The program runs for 8 weeks BUT you keep access to all of the materials for life!

That’s the entire goal! MFFG is designed to work with your busy lifestyle to help you become the expert of your own body and address your individual needs. We know that you have all kinds of responsibilities, and your time is precious. The program offers practical tools, methods, and mindset shifts to be applied right into your daily life.

You will receive access to the modules on a weekly basis for 8 weeks. Each module takes approx. 45 mins-1 hour to complete. The coaching calls are 1 hour 1x/week. With this said, the program is designed to clear a whole lot of mental space and time, and save hours in the kitchen with the tools and meal plans , meal planning guides !


You will have lifetime access to MFFG for as long as it runs, including all updates, worksheets, new bonuses, etc. Woohoo!
Make Food Feel Good is centered around creating a feel-good relationship with food. During the program, many members see immediate shifts in the way they think about and see food, which leads to major improvements in the way they feel. Past results include increased energy, shift in cravings, enhanced mood, a better understanding of your body, and 3-5 hours/week saved in the kitchen with meal plans. While results depend on your individual needs and commitment, we provide the support you need to make it happen!

If you’re like most people, you need someone by your side to put your new food habits into action. With MFFG Live there is a ton of hands on support throughout the 8 weeks and MFFG Elevate will be there with you for 3 additional months, providing personalized follow up support that will allow you to reach new levels of transformation! If you’d like more information on MFFG Elevate just email us at info@lindsaypleskot.com with subject: MFFG Elevate.

Canadian residents may be eligible for insurance coverage for dietitian services (please check with your province and provider). If a Canadian receipt is needed to submit for insurance purposes, email mallory@lindsaypleskot.com. We’ll be happy to get that to you!

The beauty of an online course means enrollment is open to everyone, no matter where you live! Payment is accepted in USD. Please note that MFFG is currently only offered in English.

You bet! We don’t want anything standing in your way. You can start today for just $227. Check out the details here.

I’m ready for this!

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3 monthly payments


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Let's chat!

If you still have questions, I get it. This program is an investment in your overall wellness, so if you’d like to personally talk with Lindsay or her team before joining, book a free discover call below!

Are you ready?!

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