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This week on the blog I’m bringing you a two part series to help you glow from the inside out. While I feel I’ve got the food part down, I wanted to bring you guys some true expert tips when it comes to nurturing your skin from the outside, so I’ve partnered with Amanda Beisel, creator of Forget Beauty (FB) and SKN Clinic here in Vancouver to lead the way on that part!

In today’s post, I’m sharing my interview with Amanda where I sat down to peek into her impressive wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things skin (PLUS, we’ve partnered for an awesome giveaway on Instagram. Details are at the bottom of the post)  For the average person, with all of the terminology and plethora of products and options to choose from, admittedly it can get a bit overwhelming.  She shares her tips on everything from serums to oils, her morning and night time skin care routines, where to start if you’re a newbie, her favorite skin foods and supplements and a whole lot more!

On Thursday I’ll be sharing part 2, with my Green Goddess Glow that I created to compliment her skin care wisdom.

So without further adieu, I give you Amanda! I’ve been using Amanda’s products (formerly Skin Addix,  if you live in Vancouver you might also share in this addiction) for years.  In fact they were the first products I started using when I actually started taking my skin seriously (oh to be young and naive and think sunscreen is optional. It makes me cringe just thinking about it!) so I was really excited to get the opportunity to ask her some of my burning questions and be able to share her expertise with you guys!

Like Amanda, I believe that beauty and health come from the inside out (both literally and figuratively). She is a true genius when it comes to blending emotional and physical health and making skin care into an act of self-care and self-love. I hope you find her knowledge as useful as I have!

How did you get into skincare and how long have you been in this field

In 2008 one year after graduating from Chinese medicine school with a diploma in acupuncture I decided to open SKN Holistic Rejuvenation Clinic.  I had no business plan, and had never been to a skin clinic or spa but I had a vision and a great deal of determination.  With a passion for people, natural medicine, and skincare I wanted to create a space where people could come to rejuvenate not only their skin but also their mind, and body. SKN Clinic would be the first holistic skin care clinic in Canada to merge eastern medicine with western aesthetics.  Over the past nine years we have continuously evolved our treatment menu creating unique services and packages and With much gratitude  I can now say that SKN Clinic has become one of Vancouver’s most popular destinations for top skincare advice and treatments and has gained a very loyal following of incredible clients across the map.

A few years into my business I was inspired to create my own skincare line, a series of products that merged natural skincare with high grade actives.  Ultimately a line that I could stand behind and recommend with 100% trust in the formulations. This line was called Skin Addix Cosmeceuticals and very recently resurrected with a new look, vision, and mission as Forget Beauty.   The only thing that didn’t change are the formulas.  🙂  

What was the inspiration behind Forget Beauty?

The inspiration behind Forget Beauty emerged over the past three years.   It all began in 2014 when despite the success my business I felt a sense of emptiness which led me on a personal quest.   Several journeys to South and Central America and two years of study with two shamanic masters

in BC, I was led to a deep understanding that I needed to merge my love of people and skincare with soul care and ultimately create a heart centred brand with a mission of self love.  Over the years I had witnessed the suffering that women endure, the endless self and societal inflicted judgements

that we face each day.   I developed a deep understanding of the vulnerability underneath the human quest for beauty.

So I took Skin Addix (the former name) which was limited to just a skincare line and infused it with my heart and soul to bring to life Forget Beauty. Forget Beauty goes beyond just a skincare line,  it is a sacred space where I share my expertise of skincare, my heartfelt curation of amazing wellness and soul nourishing products, and tons of articles, tips, rituals and practices to guide women to awaken the self love within.  

What is the 1 product(s) you think every woman should include in their skin care routine?

Awakened Hydrating Serum is liquid magic for the skin.   It is filled with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, a unique chinese herbal blend, and it sinks right down to the dermal layer preventing and resolving dehydration, and bathing and nourishing your collagen.  This product flies off the shelves.  

For those just starting to invest more in their skin, what would you recommend starting with?

I believe in starting with basics and getting the skin well hydrated and nourished on all levels.   At Forget Beauty  we refer to this as “Hydration Before Activation”.   Think of your skin as a garden,  first and foremost you want to be providing it with nutrients at the deepest layer so healthy, radiant skin can grow and flourish.   All too often this deep layer is neglected leading to malnourished skin.  Forget Beauty solves this problem with our water based serums.  

When starting a skincare routine you want to begin with a good cleanser that is non-drying or stripping to the skin.   Then apply a water based serum like the Awakened Hydrating Serum to feed the often neglected dermal layer.   Finish with a well formulated moisturizer that contains water binders and nutrients like our Immersed Nourishing Moisturizer and of course a physical SPF during the day.  

You will also want to ensure you are exfoliating 2x a week.   We are big promoters of acid based exfoliation as it performs a more thorough and safe exfoliation compared to scrubs.  Once you have followed this program for a month then you will be ready to add in the Collagen Promoting Actives.  This is called the Activation Phase.   You can learn all about this on our website

A great place to start if you are new to skin treatments is a customized Medi-Facial.  This allows your SKN practitioner to customize the facial to your skin needs focusing on a deep cleanse and exfoliation as well as providing the skin with a good dose of nutrients.   This really re-sets and awakens the skin creating a fresh canvas that will be ready to start a results driven skincare routine.   

When you’re ready to take it up a notch Dermapen Micro Needling is in my opinion the most effective skin treatment currently available due to its ability to stimulate collagen, prevent the skin from thinning out, releases natural growth factors, improves texture, pore size, and improves the health of the skin, literally slowing down the rate at which it ages.  An extra bonus is that it is totally safe too.  Gone are the days of sacrificing your health for vanity.       

You mention exfoliating 2 times per week. Is it bad to exfoliate more often? 

You don’t want to over-exfoliate your skin as this will lead to irritation and your skin can become reactive.    Depending on your skin type and needs maximum of 3 times a week.   Consulting a professional about your particular skin needs is always a good idea.  Most places do complimentary skin consults.   

What are your morning and night time skin care routines?

Morning: I wake up and cleanse my skin with the Forget Beauty Cleanser – not yet available but coming soon.  Then I apply the Adorned Rose toner with a cotton pad and of course mist it on my heart chakra.  Then comes my absolute favourite product – Awakened Hydrating Serum.  This is a must have in all skincare routines.  I add 1/2 a scoop of the Illuminated Vitamin C powder to this serum to boost its brightening and protection properties.   I finish with Immersed Nourishing Moisturizer and my favourite sunblock Elta MD Physical 41.  

Nighttime: In the Evening I of course cleanse again and apply the Rose Toner.  I swap out the Awakened and the Illuminated and use the Empowered Collagen Revival Serum and finish with the Immersed Nourishing Moisturizer.  A couple nights a week I will use the Nurtured Replenishing Oil under the Immersed Moisturizer when I want to give my skin an extra dose of love.   Twice a week I exfoliate with the Uplifted Exfoliating Gel and I use the Transformed Detoxifying Toner on my chin a few times a week to target my hormonal breakouts.  

I’ve always been curious about the oils. For those with oilier skin, would you still want to use an oil? 
If you have really oily skin I would recommend water based serums over oils.   In my experience this is a much better approach and oily skin types prone to breakouts can become more congested with the overuse of oils.   A common problem we see at SKN Clinic is clients who have switched to an oil heavy skincare routine and seeking guidance because this did not provide the expected results.   Generally they have started cleansing with coconut oil, and using oils as the base of their skincare routine only to end up with congested, skin and seeking guidance on how to improve their skin.   Oils serve a purpose in skincare and can do wonderful things for the skin but like everything else they need to be used in balance and skincare is not one size fits all.

What you’re favorite skin food?

I love micro algaes – spirulina is my favourite and I would argue the most nutrient dense food on the planet.   It actually mimics our own hemoglobin making it a must for those with low iron and prone to anemia.   It detoxifies the body, boosts energy, and really in my opinion elevates the entire

functioning of your body.  Your skin will radiate a natural glow because every cell in your

body will be high vibing.  I put it in my smoothie, green juices, and I take capsules..  My Favourites are Blue Green Protein by Moon Deli,  Blue Majik by E3 Live, and I am currently trying out another brand called f3 Forte by Bio Nutrition.   

What’s your top tip for healthy, glowing summer skin?

We are more exposed to the sun, and outdoor elements this time of year so first and foremost our skin requires protection in the form of  a physical SPF – that means zinc and/or Titanium.   Topical Vitamin C is very important as it helps to protect the skin from UV damage, brightens the skin and

provides potent antioxidant protection as well.  Using a daily water based serum  (like our Awakend Hydrating Serum) that contains antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and nutrients to help repair and feed the deeper layer of the skin where collagen resides is key alongside your Vitamin A Serum  (like our Empowered Collagen Revival) at night.   The sun loves to degrade and breakdown collagen so skin care is your best defense.

I have to admit there are so many terms and sometimes I get confused about what is what and whether they’re actually necessary. What’s the difference between serums and oils? And are they really important?

One of the most confusing things in the skincare industry is the misuse of the word serum.    Clients often refer to oils as serums.  In my professional opinion a serum is water based and contains a concentrated dose of nutrients that penetrate to the dermal level where all your collagen and elastin reside.  

The dermal layer is also where dehydration occurs hence why I am always educating clients on using a serum with hyaluronic acid. Forget Beauty is known for their powerhouse serums.   We formulate with high quality actives in a water base.  

An oil is just that an oil.   Many skincare companies are now using the word serum when in actuality it is an oil.   If you are feeling confused all you have to do is flip over the bottle and look at the first ingredient if you see water it is a serum, if you see an oil it is an oil.  

Distinguishing between the two is important because your skin health depends on it.   Serums penetrate to the deep layer where your oil and moisturizer cannot reach.  If this layer is neglected which all too often it is, the skin will be malnourished.   I would say that is the one flaw of the natural skincare world it is too heavy on the oils and missing a critical skin component – water based serums.   In an upcoming blog on Forget Beauty I will talk about this in more depth.

What do you think of collagen and other supplements?

I am a self confessed super foods junkie and always researching and trying new things.   Right now I have 3 Favourite Super Supplements; withinus TruMarine Collagen,  The Blue Green Protein by Moon Deli, and  The Super Elixir.   I discovered The Super Elixir a few months back, it comes from Australia and is nothing short of amazing.  It is packed with  organic 45 bio-live, cold pressed nutrients.   It increases energy,  improves digestion,  alkalizes the body, and improves skin health.  I have received testimonials from people who suffered from digestive issues, fatigue, you name it.  I actually put all these super supplements in my morning smoothie followed by my superhero cape cause I feel SO GOOD!  😉   

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

This is going to sound a bit strange but the best advice I received is from my Shamanic Teachers Gail Carter and Marilyn Keefer.   They taught me to go to my womb space.   

In Shamanism we have a term called your Womb Space, yes it sits exactly where your womb is.   Our womb space holds our power,  creativity,  wisdom, and our truth.  When life leaves you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and perhaps a bit lost all you have to do is sit in silence, place your hands on your womb space and do deep breathing for a couple minutes focusing on this area.  Once you feel at a more peaceful state just sit in that space and calmness and clarity will emerge.  

You will be surprised at what answers come up when you take the time to go within and get silent.   You can think of this as silencing the ego so the whisper of your higher self can be heard.   All answers for your highest good are found in this space.  We just have to learn to connect and go inward.  Ideally on a daily basis.   

Last but not least, Amanda has generously decided to give away two gifts! The Awakend and Illuminated duo and a $100 GC to SKN Clinic! Two of you guys will get to try out this magic for yourselves 🙂 

The contest is being held over on Instagram. To enter, click here to head over to my page and on the image of Amanda, enter by:

  1. Liking the photo
  2. Following @forgetbeauty and @lindsaypleskotrd
  3. Tagging 2 friends

Contest Closes Sunday, July 30th at 9pm PST. Good luck!

Thank you so much, Amanda, for sharing your insights and inspiring us in our skin care and beyond! For more tips or to say hi to Amanda, follow her on Instagram @forgetbeauty




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