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This is a community dedicated to making food feel good. Here you’ll find easy, healthy recipes, kitchen hacks to simplify meal prep and planning, and evidence-based nutrition and wellness information—all aimed to take the stress and guilt out of eating.

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Get your time back. Have every step of your meal planning taken care of for you! Grocery lists, recipes, and meal prep instructions to limit it all to 1 hour per week.

No wasted food, no decision overwhelm, just delicious dietitian designed meals on the table in 20 minutes or less!


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The kitchen is my happy place. Developing recipes that make healthy and drool worthy one in the same – my passion. Let’s see what we can create together!

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If our mission and values align, I would love to share your story. Let’s get you get in front of those who need you most with creative and engaging content!

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Meal Plans

Based on my simple, streamlined meal prep method, all you need is 1 hour per week to set yourself up for healthy, delicious (different) 20 minute meals every single night.

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Christine Picknell

Lindsay’s meal plans are so easy to follow and prepare. I love that the meal prep takes one hour and you’re set for the week without having to think about any meals. They are also kid approved which is such a win! Lindsay is an amazing teacher and is very knowledgeable. Thank you!! You have changed my relationship with food.

Marie Y

I did the 321 Method as I was finding it a challenge to meal prep with a busy work schedule.  The plan allowed me to try new recipes ( that were delicious) and get food prep done on Sunday so that I had food for the week and wasn't finding myself at the grocery store at 6 pm and eating dinner at 8.  I highly recommend the program.  The recipes got me out of my comfort zone eating a variety of foods that were filling and satisfying!

Gillian J

The 3-2-1- Method is an ideal system to get you on track to a healthier lifestyle. Having failed at so many restrictive and fad diets, I'm learning to eat a healthier balanced diet and feel great doing it! Lindsay gave me all the tools I needed!

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