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This is a community dedicated to making food feel good. Here you’ll find easy, nourishing recipes, mindful eating resources for a better relationship with food, kitchen hacks to simplify meal prep and planning, and evidence-based nutrition and wellness information — all aimed to take the stress and guilt out of eating. Head here to get started with the most popular recipes and resources!

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Get your time back. Have every step of your meal planning taken care of for you! Grocery lists, recipes, and meal prep instructions to limit it all to 1 hour per week.

No wasted food, no decision overwhelm, just delicious dietitian designed meals on the table in 20 minutes or less!


Menu & Recipe Development

The kitchen is my happy place. Developing recipes that make healthy and drool worthy one in the same – my passion. Let’s see what we can create together!

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Media & Brand Partnerships

If our mission and values align, I would love to share your story. Let’s get you get in front of those who need you most with creative and engaging content!

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Meal Plans

Based on my simple, streamlined meal prep method, all you need is 1 hour per week to set yourself up for healthy, delicious (different) 20 minute meals every single night.

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Jess C.

I signed up for the 3-2-1 Method guided program at the last minute and am I ever glad I did! As a full time working mom my hope was that the program would make week night meals less stressful and get our eating back on track. I figured, at the very least, having four weeks of meal planning done for me would make it worthwhile. Lindsay's program far exceeded my expectations and has completely changed our family's eating habits. I have more energy, the sugar fog has lifted and my cravings have been eliminated. I am so thankful to call myself a 3-2-1er! Thank you Lindsay!

Busy mom

Your approach to meal planning, nutrition, and mindset about food is refreshing. You have a healthy, balanced approach, offer a great variety of recipes in your plan, and offer genuine support along the way. This program far exceeded my expectations and I have learned new skills that will help with my meal prep and making healthy meal choices going forward.  Can’t thank you enough, you are amazing!

Alison Ensworth

Never have I felt as heard, respected, and supported by any type of specialist as I have with Lindsay. I know the food guide backwards and forwards, but it was her personally tailored guidance that enabled me to adapt my diet to address my specific challenges and reach my best state of nutritional well being. Working with her has truly changed my life for the better!

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