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Still on the hunt for that perfect gift? I’ve got you covered with some of my absolute favorite things. Everything I’ve listed here can be ordered online so you can avoid those crazy mall crowds and shop in your jammies on with Christmas movies playing in the background. Much more appealing right?! I’ve got a little something for everyone. The home chef, the entertainer, the health and wellness seeker, and I’ve also rounded up my favorite ideas that don’t cost much and will tug at those heart strings with the gift of your time. I truly believe that there is nothing more meaningful than sharing your time with someone and putting some love into gift giving. For the past couple of years we have drawn names for our family Christmas (we all still gift to the little ones, but for the adults, it’s fun to partake in the Christmas morning festivities with a few gifts but we all feel like we are so fortunate with what we have already and can enjoy more of what the holidays are truly about this way. For those whose names we don’t draw, we pick an activity or way to spend some quality time together.


What are your holiday traditions? Have they changed over the years?

1. Microplane 2. Cookbooks: (OttolenghiohsheglowsCravings) 3. Milk Frother 4. Mandolin 5. Food Processor 6. Chef’s Knives


  • Microplane I am obsessed with my microplane! I use it for everything from garlic to parmesan cheese, nutmeg and shaved chocolate. It makes the process super quick and mess free.
  • Cookbooks: (Ottolenghi, ohsheglows, Cravings) Whether you like to follow recipes word for word or like to browse through the pictures for inspiration (The pictures are make or break for me!) cookbooks are timeless gifts and a great way to inspire some home cooking!
  • Milk Frother I love lattes or even just a warm steamed milk. It just feels luxurious. But all those Starbucks runs can reallly add up. I use my milk frother every day and it’s also a nice touch when you have guests over!
  • Mandolin Another time saver. Trying to cut up potatoes or vegetables in even, thin slices can be so frustrating and time consuming. These are great for making veggie or potato chips or to add some nice presentation to the top of a dish! (watermelon radishes and beets are my fave for this!)
  • Food Processor Another tool I use almost daily for making my own energy balls, oat flour or almond meal, pestos or dressings or just quickly mincing up onions and garlic. Relatively inexpensive and a total cooking game changer.
  • Chef’s Knives There is no replacement for good, sharp chef’s knives. They can be pricey, but are so worth it, and just think of all the money you’d save eating out if chopping was a bit more enjoyable?! Starting with one is a great way to make it more affordable and build your collection from there.

1. Marble Coasters 2. Gold Drink Shaker / Bar Set 3.Drinking Buddies Drink Identifiers 4. Copper Cheese Knives 5. Marble and Copper Cutting Boards/Cheese Boards 6. Cheese Markers 7.Little Book of Hygge 8. Copper Moscow Mule Mugs and Gift Set

For the Entertainer

  • Marble Coasters These go with everything and I love the clean, classic look. Plus they double as nice looking decor when they’re not being used, no need to put them away every time you use them. These make a great hostess gift!
  • Gold Drink Shaker / Bar Set I love a good kitchen accessory that can double as decoration. The gold is festive for the holidays but also a great staple color all year round. I love having a feature cocktail when we have people over for dinner. I find it really adds to the whole dinner experience. Coconut Margaritas (virgin for me right now but that’s ok ;))  and old fashioneds are faves in our house
  • Drinking Buddies Drink Identifiers These are a fun and entertaining ways to make sure no one steals your drink! I have seen these ones entertain grown men for hours.
  • Copper Cheese Knives I love a good charcuterie board any time of the year and these copper cheese knives make it look so put together and beautiful!
  • Marble and Copper Cutting Boards/Cheese Boards These can double as cutting boards or serving platters and really highlight the food while still looking super clean and beautiful. You’ve probably noticed in many of my photos that I am a huge fan of these!
  • Cheese Markers Perfect to go with the cheese knives,  makes it easy for people to find their faves and another extra touch that ties together the presentation so nicely!
  • Little Book of Hygge The Danes have it locked down when it comes to creating cozy, inviting ambiance. This makes such a huge difference whether it’s just enjoying your own space to relax on a Sunday afternoon or having guests over. A couple staples to the Hygge lifestyle – cozy knit blankets and pillows, candles and soft lighting, functional decor. I really love what this is all about and this little book is the perfect way to get you started!  
  • Copper Moscow Mule Mugs and Gift Set Moscow Mules are one of my favorite drinks (don’t worry, I’m not drinking any right now with little baby P growing inside!). They are so refreshing AND you get to drink them in these amazing copper mugs. This was actually one of the gifts I received in our girl’s Christmas gift exchange this year! This set is the perfect combo of beautiful and practical.

1. The 3-2-1 Method 2. Vitamix 3. Beauty Chef Cookbook 4. The 5 Minute Journal 5. Essential Oils & Diffuser

For the Health and Wellness Seekers

  • The 3-2-1 Method Give the gift of health and time. For all of those that will be eager to get on those New Year’s resolutions gift them 4 weeks of meal plans grocery lists and 1 hour weekly meal prep by a registered dietitian (yours truly ;))
  • Vitamix Another daily essential. It’s a pricey one so might be a gift you want to go in on with someone or for that extra special someone but my Vitamix has seriously changed my life. I was skeptical about buying one for years but they are so well built and I’ve heard of people having theirs for 20 years! I love being able to make my own nut butters, flour, hot soup in 5 minutes, ice cream, juices….so many things!
  • Beauty Chef Cookbook As I mentioned earlier, photos are a must for me in cookbooks, the photos and dishes in this book are absolutely beautiful and really inspiring. With feel good, skin and body nourishing recipes that will feed you from the inside out, this one’s on my Christmas list!
  • The 5 Minute Journal I might even go as bold to say that this was my favorite discovery of 2017. I have gifted it to pretty much everyone in my family and all of my girlfriends (it was my “favorite things” gift for our annual girl’s Christmas exchange this year) All it takes it 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night and it honestly makes such a huge difference in consistently having a grateful and positive mentality
  • Essential Oils & Diffuser Another something something I’ve really gotten into this year. I love the variety of benefits the different oils hold and since I’ve been cutting back on coffee since being pregnant, I use the …… roller for an alternative midday pick me up and lavender to help me fall asleep.

DIY Gifts & The Gift of Time

1. Spray Bottles 2. Soy Candle Flakes 3. Essential Oils 4. Candle Pourer 5. Wooden Wicks 6. Lip Gloss Containers 7. Beeswax 8.Coconut Oil

  • Coupon for Dinner We used to always make coupons for my parents for gifts when we were younger. And who doesn’t love having a nice meal cooked for them! Perfect for partners, friends and I bet you might even get a tear from your parents if you bring back one of these!
  • DIY Candles and Room Sprays I don’t know if it’s the nesting starting or what but I have been super into the DIYs and crafts! A few weekends ago I got together with a couple of girlfriends and we made our own candles and room sprays. All you need is a few simple supplies and you have a beautiful gift made with lots of love!
  • DIY Lip Gloss Next on my DIY list is homemade lipgloss!
  • Helping an older relative with a household task (get that coupon book out again!) This is a great way to spend time together and really show that you care! A few ideas – shoveling snow, some household cleaning, cooking some meals for the freezer. I’m sure you’ve got some more creative ideas you can come up with too!  (Send a couple my way!)

xo Lindsay

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